Doctrines and Disciplines for Bible Believers
Evangelist Sam R. Ensor
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    Doctrines and Disciplines for Bible Believers is a concise study of the major Bible doctrines of the historic Christian faith. It is founded upon the King James Bible and is uncompromisingly Baptist in theology. It extends beyond the scope of the traditional Sunday School by presenting an introductory survey of the Biblical concepts and disciplines necessary to prepare Christian workers for service in the church.
    The free Adobe Reader or other compatible PDF format reader is required to view the chapters.  This program is normally included on most computers; if not it may be downloaded from Adobe ReaderThe chapters may be studied online or saved to your computer.  You may also print them out for a permanent copy within the Adobe Reader program.  Follow the directions in your PDF reader for these tasks.
    The study curriculum is designed to progress from Chapter One through Chapter Eight, so please start at the beginning.  Each chapter builds upon the previous, so do not begin  in the middle, or with the topic that seems most appealing.  Always begin with a word of prayer, then click on the blue READ  button by each chapter title to read the course material.  May the Lord bless you richly.
    NOTE:  Use your browser "back arrow" (upper left corner of screen) to exit the chapter study and return to this page.  Do not use the "X" button (upper right corner) from the chapters.
    CHAPTER EXAMS:  To Earn the Graduate Certificate, you must take the test after studying each chapter.  Click on the blue asterisk beside the exam number under each chapter below.  You will be sent to the test center to complete the exam.
         Chapter One:  God’s Plan of Salvation
    Exam 1 

         Chapter Two:  The Miraculous Bible
    Exam 2  
         Chapter Three:  The Holy Trinity
    Exam 3  
         Chapter Four:  The Unmasking of Satan
    Exam 4  
         Chapter Five:  The New Testament Church
    Exam 5
         Chapter Six:  The Privilege of Prayer
    Exam 6 
         Chapter Seven:  Christian Stewardship
         Chapter Eight:  Introduction to Prophecy
    Exam 8  
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    Please note that the curriculum is written by an Independent Baptist, for Baptists.  Do not write to argue the theological positions taken in the course.  If you differ on minor interpretations we can agree to disagree.  If you hold differing religious beliefs, that affect the destiny of souls, then we cannot agree, nor fellowship, and you are free not to visit our site again.

            The Student Workbook

    The fourth edition of the Bible Institute student workbook is available in a handsome soft cover, 154-page book (8-1/2" x 11").  It is the printed text of the chapters offered for study above.  The outline format is ideal for classroom study and contains outline lessons designed for teaching and preaching.  The published text makes it the perfect solution for those who prefer to study from a printed text rather than at a computer monitor.  Clicking the "Buy Now" button below will take you to the publisher's order page:
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    The Fifth Edition of Doctrines & Disciplines for Bible Believers is now available.  Containing the same text as the fourth edition student workbook (shown above) this new edition is printed in standard book size (6" x 9") with the outline format style omitted.  It features a larger, more readable text in 219 pages.  This is a perfect gift-size book of the historic doctrines of the Christian faith.  Clicking the "Buy Now" button below will take you to the publisher's order page:
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